Hidden jewel of the Budapest ruin district

Around the millennium a lot of old buildings staid empty around the now called „party district”. The causes were from several different areas. The owners of these empty buildings did not wanted to renovate them just yet, they wanted to make some quick money from them. This is how young and creative entrepreneur had the chance to open the „ruin bars” in these houses. This was a good deal for both sides. However we already met the concept of ruin bars in Berlin, but bars in Budapest are all unique, and one of their kind. It is impossible to find any matching furniture or design element in them.
In the first period it was made for Hungarian youngsters to spend their free time and socialize in these places. After a couple of years as tourism started to rise ,these bars became more and more popular and visited by travelers. Up until these days they have grown Budapest into a tourist paradise for drinking and partying in the eyes of the whole world as well.

With similar goal, Doboz Ruin Club had opened it’s gated in 2011. As a premium ruin bars and cub.
It’s capable of hosting 1500 people at the same time, has two different dance floors where the top rated resident DJ’s play 8 different kind of music style in 4 nights a week. You can find a cloakroom in the basement area, where the staff watches everybody’s belongings through the whole evening. It’s got 4 different bar sections to make sure the serving of the drinks id very quick and smooth.
As for the hungry ones, they have a street food bar on the 1st floor, where you can find juicy burgers and huge hotdogs all night.
They have a dress code but not so strict, as long as you leave home your joggings and flip-flops your’e good to go in and have a blast.
Each night professional photographers make sure you have some memory of the night, in case you drank too much. You can find most of their photos online and on Facebook.

Young Hungarian graphic designers works are used for decorating the place. Such as a big wood scrap dog on the ceiling of the inside bar, and the glowing eyed gorilla who’s hugging the oldest, 320 year old tree in Budapest party district. These amazing designs were made by Szőke Miklós Gábor , who also made many famous sculptures ,and were places in several famous spots of the city.

Aside from all these, Doboz has taken an interest in the neighborhood around the club. Not only, they are keeping it clean for everybody’s comfort, the have a „shushing” staff to make sure people are able to have a good night sleep, and not be bothered by the drunken party people in front of the club.
These guys are dressed in crazy costumes ,helping people to get cabs quickly and making sure the party people keep a normal sound level.
All in all ,i t’s good to consider checking places outside of the very touristic Kazincy street and its area and check out places that are a bit more hidden but as good as any place if not better.

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