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Immerse yourself in an electrifying nightlife experience like no other, as one of the most beloved party sanctuaries unveils an even more spectacular club season starting spring 2024. We’ve dynamically updated our music lineup and tastefully refreshed our space, preserving our iconic elements.


The towering King Kong statue, with its luminous gaze, the venerable 320-year-old tree, and the enchanting, reddish dreamlike ambiance continue to bestow an unparalleled vibe upon Doboz (The Box).


Enjoy Budapest’s top discounts and free entry at this extraordinary party venue.

More Than a Ruin Pub:

More Than a Ruin Pub: A Stylish Music BOX

A Stylish Music BOX

Quality Parties,
Unique Atmosphere

Nestled at the heart of the dance floor, the DJ booth stands as a pulsating epicenter, while cozy seating nooks along the perimeter weave an inviting aura into Doboz’s distinctive vibe. Beyond the embrace of our two indoor havens, the rhythm spills out onto the city’s most expansive garden dance floor. Here, the night comes alive with electronic beats, hip-hop, R&B, and dance hits, all in the embrace of our captivating interior.

2 dance floors

3 bars

1000 square meter
garden area

Budapest’s largest discounts

Free admission
all night long


march, 2024

march, 2024


With four bars on-site, swift service is assured. No need for tokens or paying for reusable cups; our eco-friendly glasses are provided free of charge. Indulge in tasty street food delicacies from our kitchen. And for those instant cravings? We’ve got a plethora of quick munchies to enjoy.

Plus, for every day and every occasion, we’ve crafted a special deal to let you enjoy your favorites at a discount.

Party Photos Every Week

Browse through snapshots of joyous, dance-filled nights and get in the weekend mood! If you’ve partied with us and wish to take a trip down memory lane, dive into our gallery by date!

Dive into a Deluge of Deals and Dazzling Discounts

Uncork the joy with free champagne, revel in complimentary sparkling wine, feast on half-price culinary delights and beverages, unwrap birthday surprises, and more exclusive perks at The Box (Doboz). Seize the spellbinding specials and revel till dawn without denting your wallet.

Unveil the roster of current steals and deals!

The Ultimate Open-Air Nightlife Experience

Unleash your spirit on the city’s vastest nocturnal playground, encased in a 1000 square meter garden where the night sky meets vibrant life. Winter wraps it in warmth with a cozy embrace, while summer evenings unveil an exhilarating, airy dance haven, aglow with mesmerizing lights, ancient guardians of nature, and spellbinding decorative wonders. It’s not just a party; it’s Budapest’s most iconic garden rave, where the rhythm of the night seamlessly flows through open spaces, crafting a boundless, electrifying retreat in the urban pulse.

From Friday to Saturday, the night beckons with open arms, free entry, and irresistible deals!


Doboz is a premium ruin pub and nightlife spot in Budapest’s party district, featuring elegantly refurbished interiors with a unique, dreamlike ambiance. Swift entry, clean restrooms, and a friendly staff enhance your experience. VIP table reservations lead you directly to your spot without waiting, greeted by chilled drinks for immediate toasting. Exclusive private boxes for up to 40 guests ensure a seamless party.


Now, free reservations are also available!


Doboz club:
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Located right by the party district, just a stone’s throw from Blaha.

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