Doboz club -
Frequently Asked

Budapesti Éjszakák: Táncos Bulihelyek és Klubok
Bulihely Budapest: A Tánc és Az Éjszaka Találkozása
Bulihely Budapest: A Tánc és Az Éjszaka Találkozása

We are open from Tuesday to Saturday every week from 18:00 – 06:00.

Entry is free for everyone, anytime.

For lost and found items, you can inquire via email at We keep all found items for 30 days. You can contact us by visiting our contact page.
You can find detailed information about our programs on our Facebook page and website.

Our cloakroom is open every Friday and Saturday from 22:00 to 06:00. The cost is 500 HUF per coat and 500 HUF per bag. Our cloakroom staff will not go through your coat or bag. If you lose your cloakroom ticket, the release of the stored coat/bag is possible only after the club closes, after the last guest leaves, during the next day’s opening hours, or by arranging a time through email at

The responsibility for keeping the cloakroom ticket from the time of issue until its return lies with the guest. In case of lost or damaged cloakroom tickets, a compensation of 1000 HUF must be paid. The cloakroom is not responsible for tickets switched within a group.

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas (in the open inner courtyard)! Smoking in other areas is prohibited as per Act XLII of 1999 on the protection of non-smokers, effective January 1, 2012, as well as for compliance with fire safety regulations.
Entry to the Doboz club is restricted to individuals who are at least 18 years old.
You can find our party photos on our website and Facebook page. They are usually uploaded 1-2 days after the parties. We don’t have an in-house photographer every day.

At Doboz club, you will receive your drink in a returnable reusable cup along. The fee for the reusable cup is 300 HUF.

During each subsequent drink order, give your used cup to the bartender!  Refunds are possible at our bars

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